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Bottled Cocktails

Are you craving the thrill of bar-quality cocktails from the comfort of your own home? The Natural Philosopher has just the thing for you - our delectable range of ready-to-drink cocktails! And they're super easy to make at home, just pour over ice and enjoy!

Every sip of our home-crafted mixes transports you into our mystical bar ambiance while enjoying the cosy comforts of your own space. It's the perfect marriage between the adventure of going out and the tranquility of staying in.

Don't be fooled by their humble 500ml packaging; each bottle is bursting with six expertly balanced servings. So whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or enjoying a solo indulgence, we've got you covered. The best part? Every serving costs just £6.66 - a flavourful yet economical alternative to on-premise drinking!

Choose the convenience of delivery or experience the allure of our bar one more time by collecting your order. These ready-to-drink cocktails are waiting to ignite your evenings with that quintessential Natural Philosopher magic!

We've partnered with the fantastic Little Places Marketplace who are highlighting the wonderful brands from some of London's coolest neighbourhoods and top producers. Click the logo or picture below to see our wonderful range and bag yourself a bottle.

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