Pickleback Club Logo.png


  • Green Pickle

    Basic Membership (One time payment)
    Valid for 10 years
    • Pickleback Club Tee
    • Natural Philosopher Tee
    • Pickleback Club Keyring
    • One free Pickleback of your choice on every visit to the bar
  • Golden Pickle

    Every month
    God Level Subscription
    • Same as Green Pickle Membership
    • Flavour of the Month monthly Pickleback combo maildrop

The Natural Philosopher Cocktail Bar is known for our excellent range of home-made pickles and Picklebacks. So we've created a club to share our love of all things pickled.


Pickleback Club is the UK's only Pickleback membership. For pickle lovers and skeptics alike, Pickleback Club is a way for members to experience something new.

There are two types of membership available.

Green Pickle Membership costs a one-off fee of £30 and perks include a Pickleback Club T-shirt, a Natural Philosopher T-shirt and a Pickleback Club Keyring that gets the member one free Pickleback of their choice on every visit to the bar.

Golden Pickle Members can expect to enjoy the same perks as Green Pickle members with the added bonus of a monthly Flavour of the Month Pickleback mailout delivered straight to their home for a subscription fee of just £12 a month.

Each mailout includes two 50ml pouches of the latest Pickleback combo equal to two serves as well as details of the brand partner and the brining process.