Private Hire

We offer private hire of our main bar area for between 20 and 30 guests or full venue private hire for 40 guests. We don't charge a hire fee but instead work with a minimum spend system. Minimum spend is subject to the timings of bookings and which days of the week the hire is for. We're happy to work within budgets where possible.

We require a 20% deposit of the minimum spend in advance of the booking to secure the hire and close off any bookings to our regular guests. This deposit can be used to pay for a round of welcome drinks for your party or it can be refunded at the end of the night once minimum spend is reached. If minimum spend is not reached, you will need to pay any difference after deposit on the night.

We offer drinks packages to those looking to put a tab behind the bar for office parties, networking or special events, otherwise drinks are paid for individually via bar service.

Music playlists can be played via Spotify or Deezer for those wanting to play their own, otherwise our music is a mix of dreamy indie and alternative or Studio 54 disco dependant on the night.

As we don't have a kitchen we are unable to offer food, however you're more than welcome to bring food to the venue should you wish. We have some recommendations for restaurants in the area if you'd like somewhere to eat first.

We understand that these are difficult times and therefore we can pivot and be flexible within reason. If you need to cancel, you MUST give us a minimum of 24hrs notice. We cannot refund your deposit without sufficient notice of cancellation. We will contact you a week in advance of your booking and again on the day of, to ensure your expected number of guests will be arriving. In order to hit minimum spend it is ideal that the majority of your guests arrive within the first hour of your booking. If you are expecting less guests, then we reserve the right to seat you and your guests instead under a table service system and open up the venue to general admission.

If you have any further questions or would like to book, please use the form below.

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