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Why YOU should visit The Natural Philosopher Cocktail bar

Updated: May 15

In the heart of East London, where vibrant cultures blend seamlessly with timeless tradition, you’ll find The Natural Philosopher. A gem among the bars on the cusp of Bethnal Green and Hackney – a cocktail lover's paradise. We’re ideally located, if you're looking for a memorable experience in the city. Our bar is easily one of the top places to be in the area.

Exterior of The Natural Philosopher. Image shows a shot of The MacSmiths from across the street. The Natural Philosopher is hidden in there.

We’re not just any ordinary bar. We’re one of the best cocktail bars and speakeasy's in London, offering a unique blend of classic and signature cocktails. Step through our doors and find yourself immersed in an atmosphere where you can easily lose track of time, engrossed in an evening of delicious drinks and fantastic company.

Our mixologists take cocktail making to a new level. They use their expertise to craft classic cocktails that take you on a nostalgic journey back to the origins of mixology, while our signature cocktails are a delightful surprise, showcasing creativity and an innovative use of foraged flavours.

Far from being just another watering hole, The Natural Philosopher isn't merely an offering of the best bars in Hackney or Bethnal Green, it's an immersive experience, a delightful education, and a playground for the curious palate.

Speaking of events, we also cater to private functions. Whether it's a birthday party, a corporate event, or just a night out with friends, we have the facilities and the expertise to make it a night to remember. We’re not just one of the best bars in Bethnal Green, we’re also one of the most versatile and accommodating.

A stretch of wall inside the cocktail bar with plants and risqué artwork

Remember, our Happy Hour is the toast of East London nightlife. After all, what's a good night without a bit of saving? So when you visit our bar, come early, enjoy a drink or two, then dive into the signatures list? Plus, we're proudly dog-friendly, so your furry companions are always welcome. Because we believe that good times are even better when shared with our four-legged friends. They’ll enjoy our warm hospitality as much as you enjoy our cocktails.

Ditch the mundane, and step into a world where botanical magic happens, at The Natural Philosopher. It's not just about a night out in East London; it's about making memories, one cocktail at a time.

A photo of the entrance steps down into the main bar area. Plants and art fill the walls whilst a sun beam shines down illuminating the scene

When you’re exploring the best bars in Hackney and Bethnal Green, our bar stands out not just for our drinks and masterclasses, but for our ethos. We believe in the magic of shared experiences, the beauty of diverse cultures, and the simple joy of a well-crafted cocktail. It’s a bar that truly embodies the spirit of East London.

If you're planning your nights out or looking for the best nightlife in East London, remember our bar. Step into our world, let our mixologists amaze you with their concoctions, and let the good times roll. We're not just one of the many bars near Bethnal Green. We are the bar in Bethnal Green. So book a table now!

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